Your fast, easy, and safe shopping at

Shopping at gets easy now! We are ready to guide you through our e-shop and provide you with fast and safe shopping for any product you need. In English, of course!

Select products and add them to the basket


Use the catalogue or full text search to select your desired products.


Click “Vložit do košíku” (BUY) to add the product to the basket (prices are in CZK, VAT included).


Proceed to the basket, check your shopping

You can see the total price and number of items in the basket at the right upper part of the screen. Click the basket icon to see and edit goods selected.


Once you have everything you need, proceed to the basket. There are four sections to go through: 1. Basket (List of products), 2. Delivery and Payment, 3. Delivery details, 4. Confirmation.


To move to the next basket section use green button

To get back click the number of selected basket section at the top of the page or use a small link at the bottom

Select the delivery and the payment method

Goods can be delivered by DATART’s own or contracted delivery service. You can also collect your order at one of our LINK stores. Please note that we are able to deliver goods within the Czech Republic only.


Tell us where to deliver your order

Enter your contact information and delivery address. If you want to collect your order in person (in our store, PONT or BALICZECH shops), only your e-mail and phone number have to be given.


Send your order

Check the contact information, delivery and payment methods and send the order using the green button at the right bottom part of the page.

Useful information

You can check the status of your order on homepage. Click Check the order status (“Moje objednávky“) and enter its number.


Any questions? Or a trouble? Give us a call at 225 991 226 or send an e-mail to We speak English, of course.



Have a nice shopping!



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